Newborn photos are best taken within the first two weeks after your baby is born. This allows us to capture sleepy images as well as get more poses accomplished. Your baby is more likely to become uncooperative as he or she gets

older, and won't go into poses as easily.

What if my baby was in the NICU or otherwise unable to have newborn photos within the first 10-14 days?​

Life happens, and we have to work with what we have. When it comes to photographing an older baby, we have to adjust our expectations. Honestly, every newborn session, regardless of how old your baby is, will only go how your little one allows it to. This may mean that we can only get photos of your baby wrapped up nice and snug, or that we need to do more photos with mom and dad holding them. Or maybe your little one will let us take a nice variety of pictures but needs more breaks in between poses. That's OK, too!

When should I schedule my newborn session?​

One thing within your control is scheduling your session early. I highly recommend booking your newborn session during your pregnancy, in the second or third trimester. You can book it at the same time as your maternity session, that way you know I will have availability for you when the time comes.

When you book your due date in advance, I know not to take on too many other sessions around your due date to ensure you'll have a space. Then, as soon as your baby is born, you have to contact me to finalize a time. The method you contact me after giving birth is flexible, but it really should be within those first 48 hours.

Are you ready to plan your newborn session?​

When you contact me, we will discuss what you're looking for in a newborn session.