When you’re expecting a new baby, you have a lot on your plate. What to look for when hiring a newborn photographer may not be at the top of the list, but it’s pretty important if you ask me. Luckily, you probably have a bit of time to research your options and see who meshes best with what you’re looking for.

Here are some things to look for when you are considering hiring a newborn photographer:

  • Experience: You want your photographer to have experience, not just with photography, but with newborns as well. This is especially important if you want posed newborn photos, because if poses are done incorrectly they can be dangerous. Photographers who are inexperienced with newborn posing should not begin practicing without the supervision of somebody that knows what they’re doing. Another reason that it’s important for your photographer to be experienced is that you (probably) want quality photos. Your baby will change so fast, you don’t want to regret the photographer you chose.
  • Style: Look for a photographer whose style you like. Do you want posed photos, or more of a lifestyle approach (which contrary to popular belief is also posed - just differently)? Are you a fan of bold colors or do you prefer neutrals? Maybe you want themes and props in your photographs, or do you just want to keep things simple? All of this is something to consider. Does the photographer’s portfolio reflect what you want in your portraits?
  • Location: With newborn sessions, these are usually done in a studio or in your home. You could also have the session done somewhere else - like a park if the weather is nice. Whatever location you have in mind, you’ll have to see what options your potential photographer offers. I usually travel to clients' homes with my portable studio setup, but going into a studio is always an option upon request.
  • Products: Do you know what you want to do with your photographs after they’re taken? You may want to send announcements to family, scrapbook a few, or have an album printed. No matter what you have in mind, see if this is something your photographer can help you with. Personally, I pride myself on the printed products that I offer to clients.

It is also important to remember that newborn photography is a specialized field and not all photographers are experts in this area. I recommend hiring a photographer that specializes in exactly the kind of photos you are looking for. I know you want the best possible photos of your newborn baby, and with the right photographer, you’ll get just that.

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