The #michaelschallenge has been making its rounds on the internet, so I decided to hop on the Bandwagon. Why not? Especially after Michael’s themselves endorsed it on Facebook! It’s not anything I ever would have thought to do on my own. But it really was a fun way to step outside the box! Children’s Portraits at Arborland Michael’s – Esther and Mae – #MichaelsChallenge I traveled to the Arborland Michael’s store (located off 23 at the edge of Ann Arbor) to photograph Esther and Mae. These two little girls had a blast exploring the store, as did I. This challenge really helped me look at products in a whole new light, and I had to keep myself from buying everything I saw! The girls were definitely on my side. They wanted what seemed like everything! Have you tried the #michaelschallenge? Do you want to? Contact me to set up your own session in Jackson or Ann Arbor!
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