Since becoming a portrait photographer, I find that I have more images of everybody else than I do of my own family. I love lifestyle photography and especially the images I take of my own children, but I often get so busy with our day to day life that I neglect to take out my camera. One thing I have been working on lately is being more intentional with my camera in my home life.

So, this Memorial Day when we headed off to visit my mom, I made a point to get my camera out.

After we had dinner and headed home, we decided to stop at an ice cream parlor. My mom lives in the Irish Hills, and we live in Jackson, so we pass quite a few ice cream parlors on the way home. And because it was a holiday, most of them were packed with people.

We found one that we actually had never been to before, despite passing it regularly, and decided to stop there. Luckily they had a canopy because not long after we arrived at Scream’n Mimi’s it started raining.

With the canopy, we didn’t have to rush back to the car, and I didn’t have to worry about my camera. It was a great experience, and I am so glad I have these pictures to remember today by.

I really enjoyed capturing these images of my boys, and I’m looking forward to a summer full of memories. I would love to help you capture the memories you are making with your family as well. Contact me for a lifestyle photography consultation!