Pregnancy and childbirth are times of incredible transformation both emotionally and physically. After the baby is born, you may feel overwhelmed with figuring out how to care for this beautiful little human, adjusting to diminished sleep, and giving your body the time and rest it needs to heal. There are many things that you can do, however, to support your body in healing and also to provide nourishment to both you and baby.  Drink more water Breastfeeding mothers need more water in order to produce milk and stay hydrated. Increasing water consumption is also recommended after birth to help overcome dehydration from blood and fluid loss, medications, and/or surgical procedures. One way to increase fluids is to have a refillable water bottle that you can carry around and also a glass of water next to wherever you nurse. The general recommendation is to have 9-13 glasses of water per day but a good indication of hydration is reaching a point where your urine is a pale straw colour.  Give your body the energy it needs The postpartum period is a time where sleep may be difficult to come by and you are getting used to being on a totally different […]
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