Wondering what you should wear for family photos? As your friendly neighborhood portrait photographer, I am here to help! I send out a brief style guide to my e-mail newsletter every month. Want to get on the list? Click here.

Figuring out what to wear for photos can be a hassle. I’m always happy to help guide clients on what to wear for their session, but the key is to just pick one outfit and then style everything else around that. Usually, that one person is going to be mom if you leave it to me.

If you would rather not have to buy a whole new wardrobe for family photos every year, I don’t blame you! As my husband says, it’s just one more thing for the baby to grow out of as soon as we buy it. This is one reason why I have a client wardrobe available. At this time, it primarily consists of dresses for mom and a few baby/toddler staples, but it is always growing.

That said, maybe you do want to buy your own outfits, but just need a little guidance on what to get. I got you!

What’s on the September board?

pictured above:

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